Time-Out are now officially Fusioneers. No, we’ve not been locked away in S.T.A.R Lab’s colliding atomic nuclei, but we have invested in the industry leading Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning system.

Cleaner, fresher, drier, faster and safer than any other dry or wet carpet cleaning system, the Dry Fusion system delivers a new standard of cleaning never before available. There is no residual wetness as the system has its own drying system – it cleans and dries at the same time. It also combines stain protection, allowing dirt and dust to be more easily vacuumed.

The innovative and patented rotary cleaning machine heats the Activator solution to provide an amazing cleaning and stain removal action. It’s also pH neutral and it doesn’t rely on copious volumes of water to ‘flush clean’. The result is fantastically clean carpets, dry within 30 minutes.

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