Microfibre Gets Green Light

Cleaning cloths are probably not considered one of the more exciting subjects of news for most people, but in our business cleaning cloths play a vital role in our ability to effectively carry out our work.

Time-Out recently trialed a new type of cloth using Microfibre technology and the trial was so successful, these Microfibre cloths are now being introduced to all Time-Out service locations.

Microfibre cloths are probably the best cleaning cloths you will ever use. The Microfibres (100 times thinner than a human hair) have thousands of edges on each thread. If viewed under an industrial microscope each fibre would stretch up to three times the length of a football field. The fine edges on each fibre retain the dirt, grease and grime providing a streak free finish and helping to provide a squeaky clean surface. The cloths also have the amazing ability to absorb many times more liquid than a traditional cloth. The introduction of Microfibre technology is a good fit with our existing successful colour coding systems, designed to prevent cross contamination.

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