During July and August 2014, the City of Glasgow welcomed in excess of 1,000,000 visitors to what was widely heralded as ‘superbly successful’ games. The 2014 event brought back great memories for the team at Time-Out Cleaning Services.

In July 2002, Time-Out Cleaning’s senior management led a team of over 500 cleaning, housekeeping, waste and logistics personnel to clean the City Of Manchester Stadium (now Manchester City FC’s Etihad Stadium) and The Athletes Village during Manchester’s 2002 Commonwealth Games.

52 weeks in the planning and 11 days in execution delivered 15,000 bed changes, 120,000 towel washes, 200 tonnes of waste cleared, 60,000 man hours worked, 70 acres kept spotlessly clean, culminating in 5,000 athletes and 750,000 spectators going home happy.

A marathon in the planning, a sprint during the event and a triumph for the whole cleaning team, within even the BBC’s commentator paying tribute to the ‘wonderfully clean facilities’ during the closing ceremony.

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