About Us

A Background of Experience

Created in February 2003, Time-Out remains a relatively new Cleaning Services Company. Our management team however, have over 150 combined years experience managing a broad range of services for clients.

The team’s experience spans a diverse blue chip client base including major banking and insurance institutions, national call centres, universities, industrial manufacturers and notably, the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games.

The experience gained operating large and complex contracts coupled with the commitment and customer care ethic sometimes only found in smaller family operated organizations, put simply, offers our clients ‘the best of both worlds’.

It’s ‘All About People’’

Even the best conceived plans and procedures will not keep front line service delivery on target, if the right people are not in place. That’s why we invest heavily in recruiting and training the best available workforce.

We aim to keep work interesting, give recognition, reward good performance and provide a framework of opportunity for personal development. We are committed to development and training and are excited at the prospect of achieving ‘Investor In People’ accreditation.

Our Values

Time-Out’s commercial objectives buck the trend of many businesses in that we aim not to grow too large. A primary objective when establishing the company focussed around the principle of ‘growth being deliberately limited by our capacity to maintain the very highest degree of customer care for existing clients’. This remains a fundamental rule by which we continue to operate the company.

The Directors and Managers of Time-Out ensure the promises made to each new client are consistently and reliably delivered by remaining closely involved in front line service delivery on a day by day basis.

Review of our operating methods is a continuous process. We pride ourselves on ensuring new innovations and best practice improvements are brought to the contract, for our clients’ and our own mutual benefit.

We view each day of service as another opportunity to improve on what was done the previous day. That resolve ensures the effort and impetus a client sees at the start of a new contract evolves with improvements in contract performance throughout the entire contract term – not just at the beginning.

We believe our commitment to delight every single client by delivering best in class service will continue to establish Time-Out as the preferred choice, cleaning service provider.

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