Car Park Sweeping

As part of a contracted daily cleaning service we carry out a variant of tasks on behalf of our clients both internally and externally. A common external requirement in order to maintain the standard of appearance for visitors and employees alike is the litter picking and sweeping of car parks, pathways and building frontages in order to keep them litter and foliage free and looking in pristine condition. Depending on the area concerned this could consist of a manual operation at the lower end of the scale increasing to a more mechanised operation for the larger more complex sites.

Time-Out always strive to deliver the most efficient and cost effective solution and are happy to invest in leading edge technologies, as an example mechanised road sweeper to save labour, if the business case proves to offer the best value to our customers.

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“Just wanted to record - the toilets are always brilliantly clean - spotless in fact - she really is a good worker and I wonder how many people give her a “well done”. Anyway I have said to her I think she does a great job. Please will you pass this onto Time-Out. Thanks and regards.”