Cleaning & Sanitising Of Telephones & IT Equipment

It is a well known fact that computers and telephones breed more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Regular cleaning of computers, lap tops and telephones can save you time and money by reducing the risk of cross contamination resulting in a drop in absence rates due to illness in addition to adding to the lifetime of the equipment itself.

The Time-Out team offer a periodic deep clean service to compliment our basic daily cleans which sanitises the work station and everything associated with it - keyboards are brushed out and sanitized, monitors are cleaned, mice mouse mats are also cleansed which collectively not only ensures a dust free environment but also removes any unpleasant bacteria ensuring that the work spaces are clean and hygienic.

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“Time-Out have provided our business with a consistently exceptional level of service with high standards of workmanship from the inception of the contract. This comes after years of being disappointed with the poor performance and lack of service from major national companies.

It is rare to find a company, who together with its staff, are full of such passion, enthusiasm and motivation, and a positive attitude to the delivery of a service which is both reliable and efficient. It is also refreshing to find a company in the service industry that actually understands the meaning of customer service.

Our relationship with Time-Out has grown through trust and good communications and I would recommend them to any company who require a good quality cleaning service with an honest and open work ethic. They are a solid and reliable supplier of ours, and experts in their field.”

EH National Power Supplier