Fogging – Z71 Microbe Surface Treatment “Zoono”

Z-71 is a Microbe Shield Surface Sanitizer and is dispensed through electrostatic sprayers which emit positively charged particles of the product at 40 microns. These charged particles are attracted to the negatively charged surfaces being treated designed to ensure robust coverage. Once dry the particles bond to the surface creating an invisible barrier of microscopic pins which remain active for extended periods attracting pathogens which are killed by the “pins” through piercing and rupturing their cell walls. This “mechanical” kill prevents mutation resistance and the development of superbugs as well as eliminating the spread of a virus through cross contamination.

This is of course particularly relevant with the outbreak of Covid-19 and treatments have been delivered in order to allow some of our clients to remain in operation during the lockdown period whilst maintaining and protecting the well being of their employees. Moving forward we see this service being utilised by clients to offer confidence to their work force as they leave the safety and protection of the home ‘bubble’ by providing them virus and bacteria protected environments.

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