Hygiene Cleaning

Daily cleaning and the effective removal of surface dirt and grime is an essential part of providing a clean and tidy washroom environment. However in order to prevent build up of hidden germs and bacteria it may be that a specialist more intensive periodic deep clean of the areas is required to fully ensure you are providing a safe, clean and hygienic washroom environment.

Our in house industrial teams are able to deliver this hygiene cleaning service to washroom areas which thoroughly sanitises all sanitary ware using specialist cleaning chemicals and techniques to ensure the buildup of grime, lime scale and the bacteria that is present within it are removed.

As well as the toilets, urinals and basins, the floors, walls and all other fixtures present within a washroom environment are cleaned and sanitized. Primary pipe work is ‘dropped’ and along with urinal traps these are flushed clean and any blockages and uric salt deposit build ups removed. This service not only ensures a safe and hygienic environment but also elongates the lifetime of your fixtures and fittings.

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“Just wanted to touch base regarding the process of extracting water from our carpets following our flood. Thanks to your mobile team my stress has been minimised by their hard work on site. From the moment they arrived I was impressed how organised they were. Together they relentlessly worked hard drawing water out. Several of my colleagues commented on this too. They communicated with me regularly and made me feel confident that the drying process would be done quickly. Thankfully the task was completed quicker than anticipated so that allowed me to move two teams back to their desks a day ahead of schedule. The carpets looks fabulous. Special thanks to your mobile team and to Time-Out in supporting me through a hectic week.

KS Office Manager