Venetian Blind Cleaning (Ultrasonic)

We offer a comprehensive cleaning service using an innovative Ultrasonic Cleaning System which uses sound waves to clean all types of blinds; Venetian, vertical, roller and made out of all types of materials; wood, plastic, aluminum, fabric and plastic.

The use of Ultrasonic cleaning methods means there is no scratching, smearing or streaking or other types of damage as can be the case using conventional cleaning methods. The sounds waves created are small they are able to access all areas of the blinds ensuring a thorough in depth clean is achieved by gently lifting the dirt away from the surface. In addition to the main body of the blind ancillary items such as the cords, ladders as well as the slats themselves come out as good as new.

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“Time-Out Services have been an excellent cleaning partner at a number of our prestige offices within the UK. Their professionalism and team management skills have elevated the overall look and feel of our premises to a new level.

On several occasions our business has required cleaning projects outside of their contractual remit, such as extensive deep cleans of kitchen areas and exterior building cleaning projects, these have been completed to an excellent standard at a very competitive cost.”

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