Washroom & Janitorial Supplies

Utilising a wide network of reputable suppliers we are able to service our customers needs for the supply of paper products, soaps, barrier creams, kitchen consumables, refuse sacks and personal protective equipment (PPE) to name just a few. There can be a wide range of options within each product line and we will work with you to select the one that meets your needs in the most economic manner. This could mean a change in the way a product is dispensed in order to reduce waste and again we are able to support the installation of these to achieve the end result. As new products enter the market we are proactive in offering them to our clients not only to save costs but also consumption with the emphasis on enhancing both our clients and our own green credentials.

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“Time-Out provides exactly what we need – a good quality cleaning service, provided by reliable and committed individuals. Regrettably, this is not always the case with other providers in this sector and so I am happy to recommend their services to anyone looking to change their cleaning contractor”.

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