Waste Recycling

Waste recycling/management could be viewed as a two pronged approach, the management of waste around a workplace environment and the transportation of said “waste” from site to final destination. In terms of removal from site we work alongside a number of regional waste carriers whose belief’s mirror ours – that landfill is the last resort and recycling rates should be in excess of 90%.

In terms of management of waste within a work environment we have worked closely with our clients in the past, and continue to do so, to embed a healthy recycling culture upon their sites. A large part of this is providing the necessary waste receptacles to facilitate the endeavor in addition, at the outset, to providing the necessary training of building users so that they “buy in” to the reasons why, in addition to ensuring the systems established on site are used correctly to avoid instances of contaminated waste. Individual waste bins will become a thing of the past and recycling stations will be set up at suitable intervals across the accommodation. A good way to get buy in is to create waste champions and if necessary inject a level of competition in terms of league tables between departments at the outset to publish recycling rates, name and shame.

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“Following a very challenging period with my previous cleaning provider, it was certainly a thorough cleanse for me to employ Time-Out Cleaning Services. They inherited a challenging site with some inherent difficulties. I have found it refreshing to deal with a company who have a passion for not only their business, but that of their client also.

I am delighted our relationship has flourished over the last 4 years, and its testament to their high standards that my site of circa 30,000 sq. ft. is cleaned to such a degree, that the onsite cleaning team recently won a performance award.”

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