Microfibre Gets Green Light

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Image of Microfibre cloths.

Cleaning cloths are probably not considered one of the more exciting subjects of news for most people, but in our business cleaning cloths play a vital role in our ability to produce high cleaning standards. As the name implies, microfibers are so tiny most are actually invisible to the naked eye. The key benefit of a microfiber compared to much larger fibres found in traditional cotton or nylon cloths is the volume which dramatically increases the surface area and therefore the efficiency.

Time-Out trialled a new type of cleaning cloth using microfibre technology and the trial was so successful, microfibre cloths are now in place across all Time-Out Cleaning service locations. As the name implies, microfibers are so tiny, most are actually invisible to the naked eye (up to 100 times thinner than the human hair). Microfibers are able to attach themselves to microscopic dirt particles, ones that normal cloth fibres (giant by comparison) brush over the top. If forces were visible, you'd be able to see that there are adhesive forces between microfibers and dirt. These forces are called van der Waals forces. Although there is only a microscopic amount of van der Waals force between one microfiber and a given dirt particle, there are millions of microfibers in a cloth so the overall sticking effect and cleaning efficiency is magnified dramatically. The fine edges on each fibre retain dirt, grease and grime providing a streak free finish and helping to provide a squeaky clean surface. The cloths also have the amazing ability to absorb many times more liquid than a traditional cloth.

The introduction of microfibre technology is a good fit with our long standing colour coding systems, designed to prevent cross contamination.

“In my opinion, Time-Out’s particular strength is their management and supervisory structure which translates down to a focused group of on-site cleaners. Compared to previous cleaning companies, this has resulted in a much greater degree of management and staff satisfaction within my organization.”

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