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Z71 Microbe Surface Treatment – “Zoono”

Time-Out Cleaning Services, the Manchester based award winning contract cleaners, have been busy throughout the Covid-19 lockdown period supporting clients who have had a requirement to maintain a level of workplace activity during these unprecedented times, by helping to maintain a safe working environment for those employees who have remained in the workplace.

Time-Out Cleaning Services are providing fogging services throughout the North West of England and Midlands using a revolutionary product called Z71 Microbe Surface Treatment developed by Zoono. This product differs hugely from the basic disinfecting services most other companies are offering as it provides lasting protection for up to 30 days following treatment. Whilst disinfecting kills bacteria and viruses that exist at the point of treatment, surfaces are easily re infected through the presence of an infected Covid-19 person emitting pathogens onto surfaces such as door handles, washroom sinks and taps, push plates, desks and kitchen surfaces, to then be picked up by another building user.

However, if those surfaces had been treated with Z71 the virus would have been 'spiked' when in contact with the surface vastly reducing the risk of it being picked up and transferred. In essence, following treatment the surface is left with millions of pins sticking in the air and as the virus hits the treated surface it is “popped” and killed. It is clear to see the tremendous benefits Z71 surface treatment offers and with protection lasting 30 days Time-Out have already undertaken second treatments as clients further seek ways to protect the Health & Safety of their employees.

“It became quite clear from the offset of the contract award, that the priority and emphasis that Time-Out and their staff on site put on the importance of providing a quality service that matches the requirements of the client…looking a little further than just the daily office clean schedule, several initiatives have been implemented with your site based team to further enhance the levels of service provided to the buildings. The time, effort and costs that have been inputted into supporting the cleaning team to all gain their NVQ 2 qualifications is just further indication of the approach that the Directors and Managers of Time-Out believe in and work by.”

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