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Welcome back to work after Covid-19 lockdown

As the UK edges closer towards the end of the second phase of lockdown with indications of some imminent “back to work” guidelines from the government soon to be announced, you are no doubt, like many others, considering how your workspaces will look as employees start reoccupation. More importantly you will be looking at what measures can be taken to protect their well being and to give them the confidence to leave the protection of their home environment and start to reintegrate within the wider population.

Time-Out Cleaning Services, the Manchester based contract cleaners, are in pole position to support you in these aims as they continue the delivery of Z71 Microbe Surface Treatments “Zoono” via Victory electro static sprayers. This is not a disinfectant service where bacteria and virus’s are eliminated at the time of treatment, but surfaces soon become vulnerable to be re infected. Zoono Z71 is a preventative service that coats all treated surfaces and protects for an extended period. The treated surface in essence has millions of up turned pins upon it which “pops” pathogens on contact.

Opinion polls suggest there is a real nervousness within the working population with only 49% saying they would be happy to return to the workplace if restrictions were to be released at the end of May. Some reports suggest that “Corona Phobia” will become a reality and that maybe the “stay home, stay safe” message will continue to resonate.

What an incredibly powerful message for employers to demonstrate their efforts in recognizing employee nervousness, providing a lasting level of protection with “Zoono” treated workspaces.

“I wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say thanks again for you mobilising your team at short notice to help us yesterday when the water went off in the location causing us all sorts of challenges. Dwain was there getting stuck in doing what he could to help keep up the cleaning of the toilets and help us avoid any major dramas. This was much appreciated and something we are becoming quite accustomed to of Time-Out and your team – stepping in to support beyond the ‘day job’. Thank you once again.”

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