The Changing Shape Of Daily Cleaning

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Selgiene Ultra Bactericidal Cleaner Time-Out Cleaning Services Stockport

Whilst being extremely busy answering requests for Z71 Microbe Surface treatments “Zoono”, the Time-Out Services team consisting of commercial and operational teams, are busy discussing in conjunction with clients what their requirements are likely to be once reoccupation of the work place starts, as we all continue to live along side Covid-19.

We have no doubt that many clients will continue with “Zoono” treatments on a frequent cycle as good working practice to protect, as well as continuing to instil confidence of the environment within which they work.

Messages from government seem to imply that reoccupation will be staged in both number and also attendance with employers possibly being asked to stagger attendance over a longer working day. Both of these will of course have an effect in the way services are delivered as well as the level it is delivered at. Over recent years we have seen gradual erosion in the frequency of cleaning with alternate day cleaning, weekly cleaning and in some cases fortnightly service becoming more and more frequent. Whilst we don’t necessarily see a dramatic uplift in the resources required on each individual site neither do we see a reduction given that in some cases environments may only be 50-75% occupied. There will of course be instances where additional resource is needed but we see almost a 'levelling out' in service requirements offsetting reduced occupancy, diverting resources with the need for increased frequency.

Areas of primary consideration for increased frequency would be seen as areas where staff, customers or the general public congregate such as offices, restaurants/canteens along with conference and meeting rooms. Of course hygiene areas will need to be focused upon such as washrooms, shower rooms and other separate hand washing facilities. Within these areas specific focus will need to be given to “touch points”; desktops and work surfaces, door handles/touch plates, light and other switches, communal computers and other office equipment to include telephones and lift buttons to highlight just a few. Should companies be required to stagger attendance through “shift” working then it is highly likely that an increase in cleaning resource will be required as good practice will dictate the need to perform an additional “daily clean”, in part or in full, between shift changes.

Due consideration is also being given to the method in which the service is being delivered. Prior to lockdown as news of the virus started to grow Time-Out Cleaning Services were quick to add in additional cleaning products including “Selgiene Ultra” which is a specific virucidal cleaner manufactured by Selden, and which we will continue to use as work places start to reoccupy. Consideration is also being given to different types of machinery and other basic cleaning equipment to ensure that our teams are best placed to deliver the level of service to give both our clients and their employee’s upmost confidence in returning to the work place.

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for arranging the carpet clear up for me this morning. Thanks for your prompt response and also for answering your phone at such an unearthly hour.”

JA Facilities Manager