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Remove  Whizz Softbank Robotics Co-bot Cobot Robot Vacuum

Maximising service delivery in terms of standards and value is at the core of everything we do at Time-Out Cleaning Services. This of course covers a multitude of things ranging from our embedded principle of “It’s all about people” and the deployment of this key resource, through to the tools and equipment we make available to them to perform the required cleaning tasks. The latter is driven by innovation and our cleaning innovation team has been trialling the latest in robotic equipment, the Whiz Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner developed by the highly regarded Japanese firm Softbank Robotics.

To be factually correct the Whizz is actually known as a “cobot” in that it’s designed to become an integral part of the onsite cleaning team working alongside colleagues picking up the labour intensive element of a cleaning shift allowing their team members to concentrate on detail work, and beyond. Of course during these unprecedented times our clients need even more from our teams and we believe through the integration of the Whizz into our on-site operations we can accommodate the increased cleaning demand without increasing labour costs.

As an industry we have seen many such machines come and go and the key tests for a piece of equipment such as this is how easy it is to install onto a site, and whether or not the onsite team will embrace the future. This trial took place last week at one of our Manchester cleaning contracts and we are pleased to say it passed with flying colours on both fronts. “He” we are told by Marie, our onsite supervisor, is "easy to set up – you just vacuum as normal in teaching mode, store as a route, and he then repeats it whenever you ask him to". And rather than being seen as a threat or a liability the cobot was viewed as a welcome contribution to the team – particularly when Marie realised that next time she has a short term absence “he” will be picking up the slack!

It looks as though we’ve got an additional member of the Time-Out Cleaning team - if you would like any further information as to how “he” can help us to help you please send us an enquiry via our contacts page top right, and we’d be happy provide more information or conduct a bespoke trial in your own workplace. In the meantime click on the photo above to see the cobot in action during our on site trials.

“Time-Out provides exactly what we need – a good quality cleaning service, provided by reliable and committed individuals. Regrettably, this is not always the case with other providers in this sector and so I am happy to recommend their services to anyone looking to change their cleaning contractor”.

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