Disaster Averted

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Dishwasher Fire

Our quick thinking experienced cleaning supervisor Marie working in Macclesfield recently averted what could have been a real disaster. Working into the early evening Marie became aware of the smell of smoke/burning and quickly realized a dishwasher had malfunctioned in one of the kitchens. Marie calmly sounded the fire alarm; notified staff working close by, evacuated the building and called 999.

The fire was soon extinguished by Cheshire Fire and Rescue who commented on Marie’s text book response to the drama.

Derek Kelly-Cooper Time-Out’s Managing Director commented ‘an exemplary quick reaction in a stressful situation. I’m very proud to work alongside people like Marie, a long serving and highly valued member of the team. When put to a real life test of this magnitude, Marie responded very professionally, in exactly the way she'd been trained. Absolutely first class…’

“Time-Out Services have been an excellent cleaning partner at a number of our prestige offices within the UK. Their professionalism and team management skills have elevated the overall look and feel of our premises to a new level.

On several occasions our business has required cleaning projects outside of their contractual remit, such as extensive deep cleans of kitchen areas and exterior building cleaning projects, these have been completed to an excellent standard at a very competitive cost.”

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